Last stable release:
none yet

Last unstable release:
0.19.0 (May 10th)

new GNOME bindings for the Java language


This is the current Gnome-GCJ roadmap. We're not talking much about dates. If you have comments about this roadmap please contact us.

Milestone 1.0

Version 1.0 should become really usable for small applications. So we need to get everything done that's neccessary for application development.

0.20.0 (probably around April 25th, 2004)
  • build system works again
  • old glib, gdk and gtk wrappers work again and are usable
  • cp-config creates the neccessary classpath to compile third party applications (it will use pkg-config.pc files for information)
  • adding correct copyright information to each file that belongs to Gnome-GCJ (this will be a hard job)
  • adding Gnome-VFS and the GNOME canvas
1.0.0 (probably July 1st)
glib/gobject, gdk, gtk, gnome canvas, gnome vfs and gsf are wrapped with the API of GNOME 2.4 (that's what I need for criawips, there's no need to include bleeding edge technology yet)
bugfixes/small improvements on the 1.0 series while developing the series 1.2

Milestone 1.2

There are no concrete plans beyond "improving the Gnome-GCJ platform" except the following.

  • let the development begin
  • update to GNOME 2.6 api
  • rewrite of the code generator to become more flexible
  • add clean support for interfaces
  • add dynamic support for listeners (currently we're including <gnu/glib/ListenerNode.h> in every class)
  • support to wrap funtions with a GError parameter to throw really cool exceptions
  • support to wrap gobject attributes more easily
  • add libraries that are wanted by the audience
    • libglade
    we should have a really rockin' set of wrapped libraries, good documentation

    Untargeted jobs

    These tasks might become reality after Version 1.2 they might even become reality earlier if there's someone who wants to hack on them.

    • JUnit support
      • create a JUnit TestRunner GUI using the GTK+ wrapper (might become updated to use libglade-gcj later)
    • documentation
      • API documentation
        This is hard as we have to copy almost everything from the original documentation
    • HOWTOs
      • How do I use Gnome-GCJ for my own applications?
    • Samples
      • How do I use Listeners?
    • Eclipse-Support
      • Gnome-GCJ project
      • documentation
    • follow GNOME release cycle
      this can wait until we have a good coverage of the GNOME libraries, from then on we'll be using bleeding edge technology and we will follow the GNOME version numbering scheme (let's have versions below 1.x.y as long as we don't do this)


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